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Cooking is an endlessly changent world, which can be very different depending on the place you visit: indeed each country has its own culinary traditions, and some specialties are even listed by UNESCO as a world heritage. One more proof of the particular importance that cooking is of in the heart of everybody. An because cooking is particularly important to our eyes, we wanted to create a website entirely dedicated to world cooking. So be welcome and have a nice visit!

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Is you are a world cooking lover and you are looking fora place where to fulfill your passion, so you will probably enjoy our new website: we inform you about the culinary habits all over the world, the star products in every country, and each month we put the spotlights on a different product, to enable you to better discover the foreign culinary culture.


If you want to learn to cook you favourite foreign dishes but you have some trouble finding reliable recipes, do not look further anymore: you are at the right place ! Thanks to our team made up of cooking lovers coming from many different horizons, you will be able to find the best recipes of the local specialties: we provide you some recipes explained step by step in videl, and also some recipes sheets to download for free, that you will be able to print as you want.


As cooking lovers, and especially foreign cooking, it is above all to share our passion we created this blog: that is why we wanted to gather the biggest enthusiats community, so we put at your disposal an online forum. You will have the opportunity to meet thousands of other cooking lovers, to talk about your passion. You will also be able to share your experiences, and give your advice and cooking tips and tricks.

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